Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Causes of Mesothelioma Cancer (Asbestos)

What mesothelioma is asbestos? Mesothelioma is a cancerarising from exposure to asbestos or asbestos dust are exposed to inhaled, so it can injure the respiratory and cause deadly cancer,asbestos material we often see, or even we use as the roof of the house without us knowing it to be one cause of mesotheliomacancer this so-roofed building that asbestos materials likely to lead to the occurrence of cancer.

A person who is affected by exposure to asbestos since the first hitand began to hurt a person's breathing can not be directly detectedas a cancer caused by asbestos dust, usually symptoms of thisdisease will occur after several years or 30 years laterFerociously deadly cancer-causing asbestos as many countriesprohibit the use of asbestos as building materials such asJapanese government banned all forms of building materials usingasbestos. And several countries in Europe, in the late 80s beganbanning of asbestos as a raw material or building housing that will be inhabited by humans. This was followed by many other countrieslike America, Sweden, Iceland and many other countries.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Simple And Natural Way To Overcome Hair Loss

There are so many problems that can occur in our hair, such as loss, dandruff, graying, hair branching and various other hair problems. Among the issues on the hair, hair loss is the most troubling. If not quickly perform maintenance to cope with hair loss then it is unlikely that you will soon go bald. Not only in men, women are also very concerned about the problem of hair loss. Especially when they finished combing her hair, and found a lot of hair loss in their combs. Here is information about the causes of hair loss and hair loss solutions to overcome in order to obtain sederaha and naturally healthy hair.

There are various things yangbisa cause hair loss, ranging from stress, unbalanced nutrition, smoking, hormonal factors, various diseases through heredity.
Fungal infection of the scalp or lupus or diabetes, and also hair is often in pigtails. Therefore do not be too often menguncir hair. Arrange your hair with menggerainya or if forced to menguncir hair, kuncirlah the bond that is not too strong.
There was also cause temporary hair loss such as post-major surgery. Other causes include medications. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, taking birth control pills and vitamin A in excess, your hair can fall out. Therefore, begin to reduce the consumption of the drug when it is healthy. medical treatment carried out to cope with hair loss too many, depending on the cause.
Furthermore, the experts add, are many ways a natural treatment is beneficial for healthy hair, including: eating for health, with balanced nutrition
Eat to Maintain Hair Health
aminerals such as iron, zinc, and copper. Shortage of one of these substances often escapes our attention, but actually play an important occurrence of hair loss.
Every month women menstruate, therefore women are very susceptible to iron deficiency anemia. Studies have iron deficiency is a frequent cause of hair loss in women. Source of iron in the daily diet of vegetables such as green, red meat and liver.
Vitamin B12 comes from eggs, and meat. Therefore necessary vitamin B 12 supplement for those who do not eat foods mentioned above.
Food supplements are also recommended to be consumed is biotin. Biotin is often used by doctors to treat hair loss, because this substance is the main component of hair growth, skin and nails. We could get a natural biotin from liver or egg yolk, but to provide for required amounts. Therefore, to be practical we can consume in the form of dietary supplements.
Herbal Remedy for Hair Loss
Currently the market is common herbs are believed to be beneficial to treat hair loss. Herbs are very diverse, there are derived from plants native to Indonesia and some from overseas. How to use also varies, there is smeared on the scalp, to wash it, and there is a drunk. Examples of herbs that are considered useful are: ginseng, ginger, cider vinegar, saw palmetto plant, Horsetail, green tea, etc.. Although labeled as natural materials, we need to remain cautious in its use, especially potions to drink. The reason is, there are also herbs that have side effects to the body especially when taken by women who also use oral contraceptives. Therefore, find what the actual content of herbal ingredients, and if necessary, consult your doctor.
Herbs are safe to use is green tea. Several studies in Japan showed that drinking green tea can enhance a particular substance called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which inhibits the activity of hormonal triggers hair loss. In addition green tea is also beneficial as an antioxidant and has anti-cancer effects.
Hair Loss and Hair Cosmetic Products
So far, we already know that the use of hair cosmetics like shampoos, hair dyes, and hair dryers can cause damage to the hair. It is indeed true, but the damage is not the same as hair loss caused by genetic problems or other medical problems.
Damage due to hair cosmetics generally in the form of the hair shaft which becomes cracked, while the loss due to medical problems are actually caused damage to the roots or the hair follicles. The results showed that the use of cosmetic hair does not increase the risk of hair loss. This means that women with complaints of hair loss should not be afraid to restructure even coloring his hair. The important thing is balanced with the intake of nutritious food for healthy hair. Congratulations care for your hair.
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

8 Tips To Prevent Whitish

Many women complained whitish. Very uncomfortable. Itchy, smelly, sometimes even painful. Investigate a calibaration, apparently it's hooked up with daily habits. One cause of vaginal discharge is a matter of cleanliness around the sex organs.

Generally women are very concerned with cleanliness, especially those related to appearance. Every day do not forget to shower and always painstaking remove remnants of makeup from your face. But, when asked whether the same setelaten the Eve feminine hygiene organs? We have to admit not all women do. For example, God knows how many women who do not drain the intimate organs after urination. Washed immediately after wearing underpants. As a result pants go wet, consequently ms v "trapped" in a humid atmosphere.

Female sex organs, such as ms v is very sensitive to environmental conditions. Because of its hidden and sealed, vgina require dry atmosphere. Humid conditions will invite berkembanbiaknya pathogenic fungi and bacteria. This is one of the causes of vaginal discharge.

If you want to avoid the discharge, you must keep it clean sensitive areas. Cleanliness should be female organs from waking to sleep and shower in the morning. How?

Here are tips that can be done:
  • Clean sex organs with a cleanser that does not destabilize the pH around vgina. One of these cleaning products made from dairy ingredients. Products like this are able to maintain the pH balance while enhancing the growth of normal flora and suppress the growth of unfriendly bacteria. Usual antiseptic soap is hard and can generally normal flora in vgina. Is not beneficial to health in the long term vgina
  • Avoid the use of talc in the female organs in order vgina fragrant and dry throughout the day. Powder has a fine particles are easily tucked here and there and finally invite fungus and bacteria lodged in the place.
  • Always dry the parts of v ms before dressing.
  • Use a dry underwear. If wet or damp, try to quickly replace with a clean and unused. Nothing wrong with you carry spare underwear in a small bag as a precaution when the need to replace it. 
  • Use the pants in that the material absorbs sweat, like cotton. Pants of satin or other synthetic materials make the atmosphere around the sex organs hot and humid.
  • Outerwear is also noteworthy. Jeans are not recommended because the pores are very tight. Choose a skirt or trousers like the non-jeans material for air circulation around the sex organs to move freely.
  • When menstruation, frequently changing pads
  •  Use a panty liner when necessary only. Do not be too long. Suppose that when traveling outside the home and release your return home.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Is Lupus?

Lupus is a deadly new disease is equivalent to cancer. Not a few pengindap disease is beyond help, the world's people with lupus detected reached 5 million people, more than 100 thousand new cases occur each year.
Own sense of the word lupus is Latin for "coyotes". This term began to be known about a century ago. Initially, patients with this disease thought to have abnormalities of skin, a redness around the nose and cheeks. Patches of red in the face and arms, heat and prolonged fatigue, hair loss, joint swelling and often ulcers arise. This disease not only affects the skin, but also can affect almost every organ in the body.
The symptoms of the disease known as Systemic Lupus Eritomatosus (LES) aka Lupus. Eritomatosus means reddish. whereas significant systemic spread every related organs. The term is called SLE or lupus. The symptoms which are common are:
  • The skin is easily burned by the sun and the onset of digestive disorders.Symptoms generally sufferers often feel weak, excessive fatigue, fever and aches. 
  •  This phenomenon is mainly found in the active period, while in remission (off) disappeared.In the skin, it would appear that ran a red rash on both cheeks, like a butterfly. 
  • Sometimes called the (butterfly rash). But a red rash resembling a disc can appear on the skin throughout the body, striking and sometimes scaly. Seeing the many symptoms of this disease, the woman who was attacked by two or more symptoms alone, should be suspected of having lupus.
  • Anemia caused by red blood cells are destroyed by this disease LUPUS 
  • The hair is often loss and excessive tiredness

Dr. Gunadi grace of Fak. Medicine Padjadjaran University / RSHS describes, lupus is a disease in which immune system tissues in the body is considered a foreign object. Reaction of the immune system can be about various organ systems of the body such as skin tissue, muscle, bones, kidneys, nervous system, cardiovascular system, lungs, lining of the lungs, liver, digestive system, eyes, brain, and blood vessels and cells blood cells.
"This disease can affect all walks of life, 1-5 people among the 100,000 inhabitants, is genetic, can be derived. Women 6-10 times more frequently than men, especially at the age of 15-40 years. African and Asian nations are more vulnerable than whites. And of course, family Odapus. The emergence of this disease because of the sensitivity factors and precipitating factors is the presence of infection, drug use, exposure to sunlight, use of birth control pills, and stress, "he said. This disease affects women it is most productive age until age 50 even though there are also men who experience it. It is therefore considered to be suspected of the disease is associated with the hormone estrogen.
In pregnancies of women who suffer from lupus, often believed to be related to pregnancy that causes abortion, fetal development or infant died at birth. But the opposite is also possible or even worsen geja LUPUS. Common symptoms of lupus arise during pregnancy or after childbirth.
The body has immunity to attack diseases and keeping healthy. However, in this disease actually attacks the immune system of healthy organs. Lupus-related illnesses allegedly excessive immunological system. Antibodies were found in a person's body that serves to attack the source of the disease to be included in the body. Uniquely, the disease Lupus is an antibody formed in the body appears excessive. The result, antibodies actually attack the cells of healthy organ tissue. This disorder is called autoimmunity. Antibody excess, can enter the whole network in two ways:
First, antibodies can directly attack this strange body tissue, such as red blood cells that cause the cells will be destroyed. This is what lead to the sufferer of red blood cell deficiency or anemia.
Second, antibodies can be joined with an antigen (a substance stimulating the formation of antibodies), forming a bond called imun.Gabungan antibody and antigen complex flow with blood, until caught in the capillaries will cause inflammation. Under normal circumstances, the complex will be limited by inflammatory cells (phagocytes) However, in abnormal circumstances, this complex can not be restricted as well. In fact, inflammatory cells were multiplying while removing enzymes, which cause inflammation around the complex. The result, the process will be prolonged inflammation and damage organs and interfere with its function. Furthermore, it will be seen as symptoms of the disease. If this happens, then in the long-term organ function will be disrupted.
Complete recovery from this disease, it seems difficult. Doctors focus more on medicine right sementara.Lebih focused on preventing the spread of disease and does not attack the body's vital organs.
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